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FORTIS is the UK’s leading independent mixed merchant buying group. Representing a growing number of nationwide members, FORTIS provides a fresh approach to the benefits of combined buying, through its simple structure, responsive attitude and ability to leverage national opportunities.

We pride ourselves on offering all of our suppliers a committed volume assurance, supported by long-term relationships that will help them effectively build their businesses. We provide our members with the opportunity to compete in the national marketplace, without compromising on price or volume.


91346 A J Beer & Co Ltd (Part of Beers Timber & Building Supplies) 72844 Alsford 73060 Annandale Ltd (Part of Norman Piette) 87115 AVS Fencing  (Part Of Lawsons) 86906 Bansal Limited 85004 Beers Timber & Building Supplies Ltd 72963 Bence Roofing Supplies Ltd (Part of George Bence & Sons Ltd) 72962 Blanchard Building Supplies (Alderney Gravel Supplies T/A) (Part of Norman Piette) 72563 Boys & Boden Ltd 72964 Burge and Gunson Ltd 72569 C & W Berry Ltd 72571 Carver (Wolverhampton) Ltd 107452 Connect Plumbing & Heating Supplies Ltd (Part of PGR Builders & Timber Merchants) 72845 Covers Timber & Builders Merchants 72575 Drakes Plumbing Supplies Ltd 86799 Dramco Ltd (Part of Bence Roofing Suppliers Ltd) 72564 E H Smith (Builders Merchants) Ltd 72846 Elliott Brothers Ltd 72574 Fayers Plumbing & Building Supplies Ltd 72561 George Bence & Sons Ltd 91282 Greengates Builders Merchants Ltd (Part of Haldane Fisher Group) 73111 Guernsey Building Supplies (Part of Sydenhams Ltd) 72565 H Butterfield Ltd 72852 Haldane Fisher Ltd - England inc GE Robinson 72853 Haldane Fisher Ltd - Isle of Man 72847 Haldane Fisher Ltd - N Ireland 72848 Howarth Timber & Building Supplies Ltd 72854 Howarth Timber Engineered Solutions Ltd 72562 J T Atkinson Ltd 73038 J T Dove Ltd 72566 John Nicholls (Trading) Ltd 72568 Jones & Shufflebottom Ltd 72996 Lawsons (Whetstone) Ltd 73005 LBS Builders Merchants Ltd 72710 Leekes Ltd 72681 M P Moran & Sons Ltd 72655 Murdock Builders Merchants Ltd 73129 Myers Building Supplies 72790 Norman Piette Ltd 91001 Nyes Building Supplies (Part of Covers Timber & Builders  Merchants) 72708 Pentagon (Jersey) Wholesale Ltd 107453 PGR Builders & Timber Merchants 107434 Plumb Factory 88786 Plumb Mate Ltd 72837 Plumb Plus Supplies Ltd 84984 Plumbco (Midlands) Ltd 89003 Plumbing World 86791 Quantum Building Supplies Ltd (Part of Norman Piette) 72850 Sydenhams Ltd 72709 T Patton Ltd 85005 TG Builders Merchants Ltd 72707 Thistle Timber & Building Supplies Ltd 89147 Thompson & Leigh Ltd 72572 Turnbull & Co Ltd 72724 Warwick Plumbing & Heating Supplies Ltd 85009 Watermark Plumbing Supplies (Yorkshire) Ltd